Let's Get Glam With Natural Makeup Products


Makeup is something most of us wear every day and it is important to know what we are putting on our skin. Do you know what ingredients are in your makeup? Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and we need to be more conscious about what we put on it, including your everyday beauty products. So, who said you can’t get glam with natural makeup?! Often people think natural makeup won’t give you the glam look conventional makeup can give; however, this is false and I proved it by creating a very glam look using ALL natural products from Conscious.kin. 



I believe, makeup should not be used as a mask; it is an amazing tool and we must use it to enhance the beautiful features we already have. Before you can apply any makeup to the face, the skin needs to be prepped. I love to focus on perfecting the skin and getting that flawless skin-like finish. 


Keep in mind when prepping the skin that everyone is different - so what works for your friend may not work for you. Be aware of what skin type you have (dry, oily or combination) and pick products accordingly. A little tip when applying all the products is to give yourself or your client a little facial massage. This will not only feel amazing but will plump up the skin in preparation for makeup. 


I’m going to run you through the steps I took to creating the perfect base for this glam makeup look. For Chelsea’s skin, I used the Edible Beauty skincare range.  



Step one:


Cleanse and exfoliate - this step is so important! You want to be working with clean and texture free skin. You don’t need to exfoliate every time you put makeup on, but before a big event, it’s always a good idea to do this. I used the Edible Beauty Cleansing Milk + Desert Lime Flawless Face Micro Exfoliant on Chelsea's skin.


Step two:


Serums - Choose your serum according to your skin type. For Chelsea, I used the Ageless Beauty Serum. If your skin is thirsty give it a big drink of hydrating serum or if you are wanting to combat redness pick one to treat that. Your serums can help target any concerns you may have like dryness, redness or excess oil. 


Step three:


Moisturiser or oils - See how your skin feels after you have done the above steps. What does it need? You will be able to tell. If you are still feeling a little taught and dry, add an oil. If you feel hydrated and plump, just go with a light moisturiser. You want to be careful not to layer on too many products the skin doesn’t need. The Sunflower Illuminating Face Oil was my go-to for this look.


Step four:


Prime- Pick a primer to match your skin type and choose according to what desired finish you want. For example, if you are wanting something dewier use a radiance primer. You can also use two different primers if you like a dewy finish but find you get oily in certain areas. The primer I used for this look was the Kylie's Professional Mineral Goddess Foundation Primer



Once you have prepped and primed, you are ready to go with foundation. I generally always use a liquid foundation and layer a powder on top where needed. Liquid mimics skin beautifully, and you can warm it up and really work it into the skin. However, if you do prefer a powder foundation one I highly recommend is Kylie's Professional Powder Foundation – it’s AMAZING! 


Once we have put on the foundation it’s important to add colour back into the skin, otherwise, it will look unnatural. How we do this? With blush, bronzer and highlighter. This is the fun bit and will elevate the look. I love layering creams down first and setting it with a powder. 


For the eyes there are no rules, have fun with it and be creative. Get familiar with a colour wheel and have a play with all different colours. Opposites attract - for example, blue eyes look amazing with red/orange colours and green eyes seriously rock a pink/purple look.  For this glam look, I stuck with darker more natural tones with some smoked out eyeliner to give it that extra bit of wow!


Every product I used on Chelsea’s skin to create this look had no hidden additives or chemicals. For the makeup, I stuck with products from natural makeup brand, Kylie’s Professional. Kylie’s Professional is a local brand that I truly believe is one of the best natural makeup brands out there. You get the same high-quality performance and pigment that you would get using conventional makeup, without all the chemicals. 



Next time you’re purchasing makeup keep in mind what nasties may be hiding in the products you’re using and get familiar with some natural makeup brands. A great place to start if you are wanting to know more information about the ingredients in your products and how harmful they may be is the EWG website which you can check out here.


Brisbane ladies, come visit us at Conscious.kin and we can help educate on what can work for your skin and what products you can start swapping out for something more natural. Using natural makeup is a passion of mine and I stand by the statement of – you can get full glam with all-natural products!







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