A Simple Salad Dressing You Can Make at Home Which Will Benefit Your Everyday Diet


Salad can get a bad wrap. If you’ve ever thought ‘salad is boring’or ‘salad is tasteless’you aren’t the first to think that. BUT. Salad doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless. A simple and tasteful recipe where you can dress it up or dress it down for any occasion is easy, convenient, made to your taste and it's nutritious! A 2-step process is all that is required. See below!



Step 1: Fabulous Foundation 


1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (unfiltered)  

2 tablespoons of olive oil 

½ a teaspoon of pink Himalayan or iodised salt


Stir all together and drizzle over whatever! I.e. A delicious pumpkin and pine nut salad OR dip a bit of your fresh baked wholemeal Vienna loaf in the dressing - YUM! 


 Step 2: Dress it up


The best part… add your combo of tastes!


Try adding ½ teaspoon of dried rosemary leaves? 

Squeeze of lemon juice and ½ tsp of mixed herbs 

Chilli for a bit of spice! 

Fresh or dried parsley leaves.


Let it marinate for 1-2 minutes. Better, yet, leave it in the fridge over night! 



So, why make your own – what’s in it for me? 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar may aid digestion by increasing stomach acid. An acidic environment in the gut is helpful to break down the food we eat. 

  • Olive oil has fabulous proprieties. One being omega-3 which is an anti-inflammatory! 

  • Salt – brings out the flavour and can help aid persons with low blood pressure. 

  • Herbs to for taste and extra nutrients – any work! My favourite are: rosemary, chilli, parsley, dill … for any occasion. 


There literally are different flavours for every occasion. Leaving you knowing exactly what is in your dressing, nutritious and to your taste! Simply delicious! 





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