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It's currently 1:59 pm on the 20th of March in Los Angeles, California. I am sitting in a West Hollywood cafe called Verve Coffee Roasters sipping on a tasty American vanilla iced latte, enjoying the sunshine. Wondering why I'm here? Let me fill you in on a little back story... 


Day-to-day I work as a Digital Content Producer, 9 - 5, and as much as I love it, to be honest, it gets to a point in life where a little adventure is much needed. For me, the past year has been a whirlwind of discovering new things and broadening my knowledge in all aspects of life and I am completely in love with the process.


For a while, I have had this infatuation with the wild place that is, the United States of America. I had the urge and craving to just get on a plane, solo and jump head first into a scary yet exciting experience. So, that's exactly what I did and here I am...


Starting this adventure, in a place I like to call the city of palm trees, Los Angeles. Stereotypically speaking, L.A. is the city of dreamers and free spirits. This is exactly what drew me to this magical place. Whether it be to become an actor, a model, a writer, or whatever it is you want to become, L.A. is, apparently, the place to become it. Determination and motivation ooze out of people here and it's insanely addicting and truly inspiring. The vibes that travel through your body and soul whilst you even just walk down the street is empowering - like anything is possible. 


So to answer my question - why am I here? I am here to become a Los Angeles local for a little while, to live and breathe here, experience life in this wonderful and eclectic city and to become an unapologetic dreamer - stay tuned!



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