USA Travel Diary


We "hopped off the plane at LAX" and our one month USA trip began…


Places we visited:


Los Angeles

Road tripped to Santa Barbara and along the Big Sur

San Francisco

Las Vegas


New York City


If I had to pick favourites, they would be New York and San Fran.


New York City really does live up to its’ name – the city that never sleeps. There is something about New York and the millions of people living there that intrigues me. You discover so many different walks of life in the hustle and bustle of this glorious place.


The food is to die for and the options are endless. If you are craving a bagel or a slice of pizza at 3am in the morning, no doubt there will be a place 500m away from you open and serving.


The subway is the best form of transportation in NYC. I mean it would feel fabulous and stylish to get driven around by your own personal driver, but then you wouldn’t experience the "real" NYC. Some of the things you see in the subway are experiences in themselves and you wouldn’t really be living like a local if you didn’t take the Subway. This is THE way to get around.


Central Park is the perfect place to escape the busy streets. Could you ever imagine being in the biggest city in the world, and sitting in the middle of a park not even feeling like you're in a city at all? Well that’s exactly how it feels.


And most importantly if you’re a fashion lover like me, NYC will fill your wildest fashion dreams. I mean it is home to so many fashion icons, you kinda expect nothing less than fabulous!


San Francisco is such an interesting place. When we first arrived, we weren’t really sure what to think or expect. But when we started to explore, we started to fall deeply in love with its' hilly streets and quirky places.


My favourite thing about San Fran would have to be the homes and the gorgeous streets. Just from walking around we discovered so many little cafes, shops and cool places to hang. Of course we did the whole tourist thing, and went to Alcatraz and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge and don’t get me wrong that was incredible to see, but it was the neighbourhood streets and the local vibe that drew me to like San Fran more and more.


If you’re a vintage lover like me, then San Fran is most certainly your place. Haight Street is a street filled with vintage shops for blocks and blocks and blocks. I honestly could have brought home ten MORE suitcases filled with vintage finds, but I contained myself (just).


I could go on and on and on about how much I loved this trip. I am so grateful for the time I spent there and the places I saw. Travelling really is great for the soul. Cliché – I know. But it’s oh so true! Discovering new and interesting places around the globe is something extremely important to me. Life is all about experiences and travelling gives you so many.


SO after 4 and a half weeks, 6 places,  6 planes, 1 road trip, 1 long haul train ride and many Ubers later, we arrived home with memories that will last a lifetime. 


Video By Jono Hine




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