Rae of Sunshine


This one has been a long time coming...


But it's finally here and without further adieu, I'd like to introduce to you my most recent content creating work in collaboration with Makeup Artist Charlee Elizabeth, muse, Saskia and clothing store, Sunday Social. 


One sunny Saturday morning, Charlee and I jumped in a van and went on a location scout adventure. 


This shoot was supposed to be shot in a field oozing country vibes, but after half a day of location scouting in the Gold Coat hinterland, we decided to venture towards to sea. 


We found this classically gorgeous spot on the very top of Fingal Head. We couldn't believe how well the looks went with the spots we found. 


 Sunday morning had rolled in along with the clouds... But we weren't worried... (maybe just a lil).


In the afternoon a little rae of sunshine decided to peep through just enough to give us a soft perfect light for our shoot. 


Sunday Social has the prettiest, most feminine clothes but they are also super edgy and cool at the same time. They inspired me to create three editorial edgy looks that were also super wearable and pretty. Charlee created the makeup looks to suit this vibe to perfection by using pops of colour and a lot of shimmer. 


What I love most about working with Charlee Elizabeth is how stress free our shoots are. We just go with the flow and bounce ideas off each other. It helped that we had Saskia, a fabulous model, to make this shoot even better. 




MUSE: Saskia - Chic Brisbane



CLOTHING: Sunday Social


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