Dressing For Spring


Spring is here!


I think spring is my favourite season. The flowers are out, the weather is perfect and everyone always seems so happy and uplifted (well I know I do anyway). 


I have set myself a new "fashion" goal for spring. 


Wear. More. Dresses.


Spring is the perfect time to get feminine. Coming out of winter we are so used to wearing pants or jeans and big jackets, etc...


So now it's time to show a lil leg and ignite your inner girly girl. 


If you don't want to go for "florals for spring," (ground breaking) try polka dots.


I love this Isla The Label dress because its super edgy and feminine at the same time! The pattern and style is giving off major spring vibes whilst the colour black is creating an edgy look.


I have paired it with my DIY fluff shoes and some sunnies. 






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