How to be Feminine With an Edge


So, I  know lately trends have made it acceptable to dress a lil like a boy... Which is seriously so bloody comfy!


So if it's fashionably acceptable then who cares right?


Well I don't know about you guys but sometimes, (sometimes), it just feels nice to dress girly and feel feminine. 


Dressing in a more feminine style doesn't mean you have to loose your edge and flare because lets be honest we all love a bit of edge and flare. 


Here's how I dress femininely edgy.


1. Pants


Wearing pants with a cute feminine top will instantly add edge to your outfit. This will also tone down on the cutesy a little bit.


2. Pick your feminine items. 


With this look I went for a gorgeous puffy sleeve tie up top which is oh so girly, but super cool at the same time! 


Pairing your look with the right shoes is key. Here I have found the greatest shoes for dressing femininely edgy. These heels by Alias Mae are the perfect mix of girly cool. Being a nude colour also helps soften the look. I am just a lil bit obsessed with them!


3. Choose your accessories wisely.


Adding a super cool pair of sunglasses will instantly flare up any look.

These blue coloured glasses are my current go-to's to add a statement and edge to any of my outfit. 


This gorgeous beige hat is totally 'Parisian,' and who does girly better than the French? No one. 


4. Colour. 


Choose the right colour palette. For this outfit I went for the beige tonal look with a pop of pastel blue to edge it up. 

Keep it tonal and pastel for the ultimate feminine look. 


Shop my shoes here




Photos by: Alice Vierow


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