Sunday Funday


Ah Sunday… my favourite day of the week. Yes, I know im crazy because it’s the day before the working week starts again, but I like to look at Sunday a bit differently.


Sundays are my most productive day, (unless new episodes of suits comes out on Netflix) because I usually make sure I spend my Sundays out and about. Whether it’s a brunch, a beach trip, a picnic in the park, a day by the pool, or a sneaky lil shopping trip, Sundays are made for winding down and enjoying yourself. For me this sets me up to enjoy the week ahead. It is called Sunday Funday for a reason people!


Being out and about means you’ve got to dress up, right? For me, this is something I genuinely enjoy (obviously). Although, I know for some people out there, finding that perfect outfit is extremely frustrating. Sunday Social (the name says it all) is the perfect place to find unique fun pieces that are perfect for all occasions, including getting out and about!


For me, dressing up doesn’t have to mean heels and a face full of makeup. I love to find a statement piece and dress it down with sneakers and jeans, like this gorg lil top I scored from Sunday Social. Being vintage, all items you find are unique (BONUS!).


Next Sunday, don’t be sad, pick yourself up and head out and about. And if you have nothing to do, take yourself to Sunday Social, you can thank me later.



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