Basics With Kit & Ace


How important is quality to you? For me, quality plays a massive part in deciding whether or not to purchase an item of clothing. Sometimes it may be a little pricey but I'm a strong believer that's it's worth it. 


Kit and Ace is one of my absolute favourite places to find the perfect basics. The quality of the fabrics and fit is completely on point. High end items are always such a bother to clean because it usually involves dry cleaning. Kit and Ace have designed a fabric that can be put simply into the washing machine like all our other clothes (exciting I know). 


Finding the perfect basics is the core of a wardrobe. Although people (myself included) always find they need more basics. I think the reason for this is basics can be too basic, so spending money on them is almost like a chore rather than exciting. 


For someone like me with quite different taste, basics can be a little boring! But that's not how it has to be! You can style basics to be basic, or style them to be the statement of your outfit. 


This gorgeous button shirt and black shirt dress from Kit and Ace are my most recent basic additions to my wardrobe. I'm absolutely in love with them, two of the most timeless items I own. A button up shirt becomes more than that once it is tied up or loosely thrown over another shirt and a black shirt dress is instantly a statement with fabulous shoes and a belt. 


This year, I set you all a challenge. Go for quality over quantity. Buy more basics and timeless pieces to create the core of your wardrobe. Start your challenge at Kit and Ace


Photography: Jono Hine



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