Comfortably Stylish in the Big Apple


The one rule I have for when I’m travelling is to be as comfortable as possible, at all times. When in New York City I also like to be stylish, because well, it’s New York!


Beneath all the glitz and glam of the city that never sleeps, there’s cracked sidewalks, a lot of stairs, jumping onto subways before the door closes, hailing taxis in the rain and a whole lot of hustle and bustle. In these situations, comfort is key. However as a fashion blogger loving your outfit is just as important, especially for those candid Insta moments.


Hush Puppies Australia have designed a sandal that is not only super comfy but stylish too. My two favourite things combined. I could conquer the streets of New York City. They are the perfect shoe for when you don’t feel like wearing boots or sneakers and want to be crazy and show off some toe.


Transeasonal, comfortable, stylish and easy to style - what more could a girl want from one shoe?




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