SALT SAND SUN: Folly & Sage


Endless summer days are best spent at the beach and this is what I plan on doing a lot of this summer.  After finding the perfect pair of bikinis, it’s onto the next thing, the perfect beach towel.



Folly & Sage have created 100% Cotton towels designed in a vibrant funky pattern. Nothing beats a soft and light textured towel to dry off with after a refreshing salty swim. Not only does it feel amazing, it dries extremely fast too.  Being as soft as they are, this Turkish towel is the perfect thing to keep you warm on a rainy, windy day at the beach. It looks and feels great, what more could you want?


The versatility is what makes this the perfect beach towel. Folly & Sage need you to help them get the ball rolling. If you want to get your hands on these absolutely amazing towels, give your pledge at



Photos and Video By Jono Hine

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