The Perfect Dinner Party


Festive season is upon us, which means we will be planning, and organising parties of all sorts. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas or just a catch up with friends, dinner parties are always a fun option to go for. I mean who doesn't love eating delicious food and drinking yummy drinks while surrounded by amazing company?


Hosting the perfect dinner party means alot of planning needs to be done. If you want the perfect table setting and the most delish food, you'll have to be organised. Organisation is key when it comes to planning any sort of party. When I plan a dinner party I like to write down steps so that no important details are forgotten.


STEP ONE: Pick a theme. This includes your menu, table setting and decorations.

STEP TWO: Write a menu and shopping list.

STEP THREE: Organise your table setting to match the theme you have chosen.

STEP FOUR: Gather all the food you need for your menu.

STEP FIVE: Set out the table beautifully.

STEP SIX: Cook and serve up your delicious food and enjoy the party!


Get excited for party season. I hope alot of food is eaten and time spent with great company! If you need inspiration on a theme or style, Pinterest is the greatest place to find it!


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