Top 6 Beauty Secrets


There are so many beauty products which are used for so many different things. As hard as it was to choose, I have narrowed down my top six current beauty favourites! These include, Bumble & Bumble hair volumizer, Nars All Day Luminous foundation powder, Lush Enchanted Eye Cream, Erin Bigg Cosmetics illuminating lotion, Smash Box waterproof Kohl Liner and Hourglass Primer.


In no particular order here are my top six beauty secrets...





There is nothing worse than having dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. It makes me feel as though I look unhealthy and drained. Along with plenty of sleep an under eye cream is critical. Lush Enchanted Eye Cream is a gentle eye cream made up of organic oils and soothing honey. It is my go to eye cream to get rid of those unwanted dark circles. Being organic it is soothing and softening and is not harsh on the delicate skin under your eyes. 


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I have been searching and searching for a hair volumizing powder that doesn't make my hair feel stiff but still gives me the right amount of lift. Bumble and bumble have saved me with this all in one, dry shampoo style extender and volume in a pinch! What I love most about it is that it's so light and feels like I don't have product in at all. It gives me that perfect amount of volume and is so simple to use. 


Purchase at any Mecca Maxima store or online at



There is nothing better than having that summer glow all year round. My favourite product for this is Erin Bigg Cosmetics Illuminating Lotion. I can use it as a primer to give my face an all around glow or as a highlighter. It is the most gorgeous colour and feels so light on my skin.


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Sometimes liquid foundation can be a bit heavy and I don't like wearing it everyday. Nars All Day Luminous Powder Foundation gives me enough coverage to cover any imperfections but doesn't feel too heavy on my face. It gives me that perfect fresh-faced look. This is hands down my favourite powder foundation. I can also use it over my liquid foundation to set it or for a bit of extra coverage when I need it. 


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There is nothing more important than finding the right primer for you. Primer is important as it works as a base to your foundation to give it longevity and also protects your skin. Hourglass Mineral Primer is my go to primer because it is oil free creating a porcelain-smooth complexion and minimizing shine. It is also SPF 15 protecting my skin from sun damage. It feels like velvet on your skin and you only need a small amount, so it will last a long time making it worth the buy.


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Having clear eyes is something that always makes me feel better and brighter. But unfortunately, this doesn't happen naturally all the time. Smash box waterproof kohl liner in the colour Bare gives the illusion of bright clear eyes. It's the old trick where I apply this in my waterline only, however instead of it being white and really standing out it's nude keeping it subtle. The easy twist always-sharp lid means you never have to worry about it being blunt. Being waterproof it keeps my eyes bright and clear all day long!


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