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When it comes to decorating homes and rooms in homes you don't have to be an expert. I know I am certainly not! The one important thing to me is to make sure I feel fresh and clear when I walk inside. You can achieve this by having no clutter, natural light, fresh coloured furniture and so much more. I would hate to come home and walk into a cluttered space after a stressful day at work.


It has been scientifically proven that indoor plants can improve air quality, ease asthma symptoms, increase your energy and so much more. Alot of people don't bother with indoor plants because they take alot of looking after. They boost our mood and energy, so why not take the time to water them in return? Your home doesn't have to be covered in plants. Even just one will make a difference to your energy and mood. 


Not only do indoor plants benefit your health they also look amazing in a home. They make the space feel like the outside has been brought inside. You will feel in touch with nature, even in your own home. I have been obsessed with the look of plants in rooms and homes, so I have been pinning images like crazy!


When you feel like your mood, house or room needs a bit of freshening up, take a look at these images for some inspo!! 


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