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Finding the perfect festival outfit is a must but can be hard sometimes! What I love about finding a festival look is that you can let all your creative juices flow to find outfits that will make you stand out from the crowd! The easiest way to find your perfect festival outfit is to pick a theme. This theme could be boho, western, street style, anything your heart desires! 


You also need to think about the essentials when it comes to festivals. For example, if it rains you're going to need a rain coat or poncho. This means it will be muddy, so you'll then need to wear gum boots or any boots that can handle a bit of rain and mud. If it's a festival in winter you will need to find the perfect jacket and layer up your outfit with cute long sleeved tops underneath a T-shirt or overalls. Take all of this into account when you're deciding on your festival outfit! 


Accessorizing your outfit is key! Finding a funky hat or bag can set off any outfit for a festival. Accessorize your outfit with a belt to give it a boho vibe. The perfect pair of sunnies will be your lifesaver at any festival. 


My favourite place to shop for festivals is at any type of thrift shop! It's cheap and unique, which is exactly what you want for a festival outfit! You will find coats galore at a second hand shop for a bargain price and cute lil T-shirts and denim jeans that you can cut into the perfect pair of denim shorts. 


However, if you aren't into Op shopping, I have chosen a few of my favourite festival pieces from the world of online shopping. If you like what you see, just click on the picture for the link. Remember, don't hold back! Think bright colours, patterns, long flowy kimonos, head jewels, crochet, flares, fringe jackets, denim, etc etc... I could go on forever but I think you get the idea!


If you are still struggling to find your perfect festival outfit, check out my Pinterest board Festival Style for a bit of inspo! https://www.pinterest.com/chelseakeim/festival-style/


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