Double Denim Rules


Double denim has been around for years. But how do you pull it off?! 


It's actually super easy to style double denim. First rule of thumb is making sure your choices of denim are different in colour. It doesn't have to be a major difference but a slightly lighter wash jean would work with a slightly darker wash shirt. Or the other way around, simple!


Another way I like to style double denim is with denim shorts, jeans or a skirt and a t-shirt of any colour with a denim jacket over the top. This is a way to break up the denim look and it's also ads some colour to your outfit. You could also do this with denim overalls. Wear a coloured or patterned shirt underneath and a denim jacket over the top. When you get warm, tie the jacket around your waist. Practical and fashionable!


I also find double denim looks better when you wear items that fit you well. For example a baggy pair of jeans wouldn't suit a baggy top. Instead go for something like skinny jeans with a baggy top. This way it will still compliment your shape and curves. 


Biggest rule of them all - do not complicate it. Double Denim is actually really simple. There are so many other ways to wear double denim, but these are the basic rules I follow when I wear this look. 


Keep an eye out for tomorrows post to see my latest take on double denim! For now here are some inspo photos to get you thinking about your next double denim look! 


Images are from Pinterest 



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