A Peek Inside My Handbag


Apart from my handbag being a very important accessory to set off any outfit, my handbag is a very important place. It's where I keep all my important things, much the same for any woman! Without my bag I would feel like I have walked out of the house with no pants on! Which would be a disaster. Infact, it's rare seeing a woman without a handbag. Handbags can make a woman feel sophisticated and elegant. Once I add a bag to my outfit, the look feels complete. Us ladies spend hours shopping to find the perfect handbag and once found we are very happy. Men will never understand...


Depending on what I am doing or where I am going will determine what is inside my bag. If I am going out on Saturday night with my friends, I take minimum things! That way I have less stuff to worry about loosing. During the week I am mostly at work, which means my bag is always full. I have to take quite a large bag to carry all my things.


Some of my handbag essentials include; my phone, wallet, my Nars lip pencil and some Mac lipstick, Perfect Potion lip balm, my Lush face spritzer for a bit of a pick me up, and my waterbottle. Gotta keep hydrated and fresh.



When it comes to purchasing a handbag it is all about the look. Even though you need it to be as functional and spacious as possible, if it doesn’t look good I wont buy! I like to go for a simple look when it comes to my bag. Either a plain black with some texture is always my first choice. Although, I do love bright coloured handbags for spicing up my outfits every now and then.


Here is some handbag inspo I found on Pinterest to add to your wish list…






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