Monday Blues


Another weekend over... 


Life these days can be very busy and stressful. It's so important to take time out to do whatever makes you happy and relax. You probably hear this alot, but taking time out for yourself will reduce your stress levels majorly!


Most people think the weekend is the time to do this because you have more time. Although, I believe if you take a night, a few hours or even a few minutes during the week to do something you like to relax and rejuvenate, your week will become slightly easier. You'll be refreshed to tackle whatever your work or studys throw at you. Whether you work full time or are at Uni studying, it is important to take a break.


Some things you could do during the week to relax could be anything from a facemask in a relaxing bath or sitting on the couch watching your favourite TV series. Whatever it is, make sure you do this because YOU are just as important as any exam you have to study for or any work problem that needs solving. Doing things for yourself during the week will cure you of Monday-itis and it will make Sunday night a little less sad. 


Right now, I am spending my Monday night dreaming about the beach and being some place warm. I'm not a very big fan of winter, so tonight I used my "me time" pinning beautiful photos of the beach from Pinterest to fill my head with summer vibes. I am lucky enough to be able to escape to the beach whenever I want. Sometimes during the week when I have a day off here and there, I'll head up to the beach house for the night and totally unwind and relax. The beach is where I feel most content. When I return, I'm ready for any challenges thrown my way!


Find your happy place!


Happy Monday Lovers


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