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Makeup Tutorial Addict


So recently, I have been really obsessed with watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. I'm sure all of you ladies have been through this stage before. My favourite to watch would have to be Chloe Morellos. She is hilarious and entertaining, as well as being fab at makeup.


In spirit of it being Friday night to start the long weekend here in Brisbane, I thought I would try my best to recreate the Kylie Jenner look that Chloe did in one of her videos. This look is perfect for a night out as it's quite heavy and glamorous. Chloe recommends the Nars Foundation and powder in this video. I bought the powder fresh today and I absolutely love it! It makes your skin flawless just as Chloe said, but it also isn't too heavy where it looks caked on. I have always used the Nars Foundation but never the powder. I am so glad I went with what Chloe recommended and got it! Lifesaver! Along with the powder I got the most gorgeous eye shadow palette also by Nars. They are two really nice shades of gold, which adds shimmer to the look.


Now I am not a professional makeup artist, just a rookie having a go. I find watching the tutorials and applying the makeup as I watch really helps to achieve a good look. It's also great if I run out of ideas on what type of look to go for. I just watch a video to inspire me! The most difficult thing in this video, (which Chloe makes look easy) is applying the liquid eyeliner. I am extremely picky when it comes to getting them as even as I can so it takes me a little while. I also didn't have any lashes to apply but nothing a bit of mascara can't fix! You also don't have to have the exact products they do. I used a different eye palette to the one Chloe used and it turned out really similar.


Apart from the eyeliner part, this video showed me really how simple applying makeup is. It's a great way to learn and hopefully get better at it!


I recommend checking out Chloe's video if you want a glamorous and sexy evening look for an event this long weekend!



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