Op Shop Addict


Hello my name is Chelsea Keim and I am addicted to op shopping....


Not only is everything a bargain but also if you sift through the many clothes racks and baskets you're guaranteed to find something you love. My biggest pointer when op shopping is to make sure you really dig through everything. It might be a bit boring and time consuming but that’s half the fun and once you find something you like it's so exciting!! You will have unsuccessful days when you just can’t find anything you like. But don’t let that turn you off op shopping, just go back again a month later and there will be all new pieces to look through.


When I go op shopping I usually try and find basic pieces. It is especially good around this time of the year because you can find great winter wardrobe necessities, like jackets and long sleeve tops.


I just recently went to Grapples Thrift Shop. A friend from work told me to go here as it’s more of a boutique op shop, which means it is extremely cheap for what you are getting! And boy was she right. It is now my new favourite. I got so many great things for winter, like basic turtle neck tops, a beautiful blouse, a long sleeved dress and a cream midi skirt! It was a very successful shop! People may also think that op shop things can look cheap. If you pair it with the right thing and accessorize, you will look like a million dollars and people will be begging you to tell them where you got your outfit from! 



Here is an idea of how I could style some of my basic pieces from Grapples. 


Top: Op Shop

Shorts: Little Lace

Shoes: Senso

Sunnies: Sportsgirl


Top: Op Shop

Shorts: Cameo The Label

Shoes: Senso


Top: Op Shop

Shorts: Ava

Shoes: Seed Heritage


Top: Op Shop

Skirt: Op Shop

Shoes: Op Shop

Earings: Sunday Social


Dress: Op Shop

Belt: Verge Girl

Shoes: Senso

Sunies: Graz

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