Clear Desk Clear Mind


One thing I absolutely love is home decorating. I am especially obsessed with decorating my desk. I love nothing more than having a nice and clean desk. It makes my whole room feel fresh!


When it comes to decorating a desk space I always think "clear desk, clear mind." In other words I try not to have clutter. I know a desk can be somewhere you store unwanted items, making it get very cluttered very quickly. For me I write my blog posts and do my makeup at my desk. I find it easier to concentrate when it's free of clutter.


I always like to have a simple colour palette to start with. In my room I have an antique white desk, which was an incredible Op Shop find and some wooden shelves above it. Having a fresh white desk and plain wooden shelving means I can add as much colour as I like to it! To be honest, I don't personally follow a theme; I just add what I like at the time, here and there. Although, I must admit I do love the 'antique' look and try to follow that in some way. 


People say having fresh flowers in a room boost your mood and makes it feel welcoming. For me this idea seems to work, so I always try and have some lovely fresh flowers on my desk.


To top it all off I have the most delicious smelling 100% soy candle from Made With Molly. Not only does it keep my room smelling amazing, it also looks super cute too and I am obsessed with pineapples so it is perfect!


Here is a little peak at what my desk looks like at the moment...



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