Salt Sand and Coconut Oil


There is not one thing I love more than having smooth skin. It makes everything better. You feel better and you look better. Not only does being healthy on the inside contribute to good skin but also nourishing it with the correct lotions and moisturizers.


These days, there are so many body lotions that are filled with nasty chemicals that actually harm the skin rather than keeping it healthy. Rumour has it that sun screen is actually really bad for your skin. So what can we use to protect ourselves from the sun?


In tropical parts of they world they believe coconut oil, in its most pure and natural form actually protects your skin from sunrays. Most people think coconut oil is used for tanning, which is slightly true if you were to buy the coconut oil tanning lotions, which have also got other additives and preservatives in them. But using 100% certified organic coconut oil is supposed to protect you from the sun rather than drawing the rays to your skin. And it will make your skin feel super soft at the same time!


I use coconut oil as a sunscreen every now and then, as I try not to use sunscreen lotions that often. In fact I use coconut oil for so many things like, hair oil, a moisturizer, for teeth whitening, makeup removing and so much more. Coconut oil is commonly known and used for cooking and not many people realize that it can be used for a lot more things that keep your skin glowing!


Wearing: Camp Cove Swimwear

Photo Cred: Jono Hine


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