NZ PT 3: East and West


The beauty of being in a country that is super skinny is, it only takes forty-five minutes to drive from one side to the other. Jaimee, being the incredible tour guide she was, took us to both the east and west coast of New Zealand. Just so you've got your bearings right, Auckland City sits on the east coast, of the North Island of New Zealand. 




We picked a beautiful sunny day to get up nice and early and explore an Island off the east coast of Auckland. Jaimee's mum drove us into the city where the ferry doc was. Waiheke Island is a forty-minute ferry ride across the bay. When we arrived it was breathtaking! The water was as blue and as clear as it gets.



Once we were off the ferry, we hopped on a little bus that took us to Onetangi Beach. Onetangi was like a little untouched haven. A tiny town on top of the hill with adorable little stores and cafes that had incredible views. There were cute little houses along the water that backed onto a cove and were surrounded by beautiful hills. After going for a little walk along the water we decided to take in the serenity and relax on the beach for the morning. After lying in the sun and doing a bit of exploring around the rocky caves on the beach, it started to become a bit cloudy so we decided to call it a day and head back to Auckland!




Another cloudy morning in Auckland, we woke up and got into our exercise gear as we were going on a hike. Piha is a major surf beach that is on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, about forty minutes from Auckland. It is also known for its picturesque rain forests and waterfalls.



Jaimee was taking us to explore a waterfall called Kite Kite Falls (Ki-ty Ki-ty). We arrived at the start of the walking track, which was supposed to take us to the top of the waterfall when somehow we ended up down the bottom. We had no idea how we were supposed to get to the top and whether you were even supposed to go there. Somehow, Jaimee spotted what looked like a walking track up the hill, which ended up being more like a free fall mountain climb. Once we got to the top we realized there was a track with stairs that lead up to the waterfall. We were extremely happy to know we didn’t have to slide down the way we climbed up.



Despite the efforts of getting to the top, once we were there the hike was all worth it! The water was so pure and fresh and the view was insane! I felt like I was on top of the world. Although the water was as cold as ice we still managed to get in. I can now tick off my bucket list that I sat on top of a breathtaking natural spring waterfall in the amazing country of New Zealand.



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