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Finding a good eye shadow palette can be hard and I am always on the lookout for new ones to try. To me, the perfect eye shadow palette is one that can be versatile and is easy to apply. Kit Cosmetics is an Australian brand that is loved by many worldwide. They have a wide variety of products that are simple and easy to use. This is great because people of all skill levels can use their products. 


The limited edition palette, Summer Fiesta by Kit would have to be my absolute favourite. ( This palette is made up of ten stunning shades of nude, which have a mix of shimmering, sparkling and satin finishes. I personally like the more natural look for a day or night event. With these colours I can create a soft and subtle look or a bold bronzed smokey eye. I prefer this to a black smokey eye. If you want a more dramatic or bold look you can still achieve this using the Summer Fiesta Palette. All you have to do is wet your eye shadow brush. It's that simple!! I don't believe I have a high skill level when it comes to applying makeup; therefore this palette is a saviour! 



I create a gold shimmering look quite often to any casual event I attend. It would have to be one of my favourite looks. For it, I have used three out of the ten shades from the Summer Fiesta palette. Using a dry brush I apply the lightest shade, which is almost white with a bit of shimmer. I smear this all over my eyelid and in the inner corners. After that I apply the light gold shimmer shade on the outer half of my lid. I then use the brown shade with a satin finish on the outer corners and bring it out to my eyebrows slightly. Once I have applied the three colours I use my blending brush to blend it all in.



For my face I have kept it simple with my usual foundation, a bit of concealer for under my eyes, a sheer pressed powder and a pink blush for my cheeks. I then finished the look off by lining my lips with a light pink liner and I used a natural pink lipstick.


Photo Cred: Jono Hine


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