NZ PT 2: Funky Auckland City


A few of my favourite things are, op shopping, eating good food and finding funky hang outs. Auckland is prime for these things and that is why I fell in love with this incredible city. Our first day of exploring the city and its surrounds was dedicated to shopping, eating delish sweet things and drinking yummy cocktails! 


We had one of the greatest Auckland local's as a tour guide, my amazing friend Jaimee. She took Elise and I to funky little shopping spots around Auckland. From Ponsonby a quirky little street that was buzzing with energy, to K-road an interesting strip filled with op shops from one end to the other. 


Our first stop was K-road. I was in op shop heaven! We started down one end of the road and worked our way to the other end, stopping in every single op shop! I bought so many unique treasures to add to my already over flowing wardrobe! I cannot resist a good bargain!


After a long morning at K-road, we started to get quite peckish! Jaimee took us to this Asian market that had a few different food stalls and then a giant Asian supermarket. She told us we were getting sushi for lunch. Lets just say our first impression wasn't a good one! We ordered our sushi with hesitation and surprisingly the sushi was made fresh right in front of you. Typically, you should never judge a book by its cover because it was the best sushi I have ever had! 


With full bellys, Jaimee drove us to Ponsonby. By this time it was almost happy hour! We did a little shop first, going into the amazing Karen Walker store, Ruby and Mimco! Ponsonby had the greatest atmosphere.


Once we had finished shopping and let the sushi settle it was time for a sweet treat! 'The lane' was a quirky little alleyway filled with restaurants, cafes and bars. The Dairy was a place where you could create your own cookie ice-cream sandwich. We chose a coconut cookie with choc-mint ice cream as the filling and to top it all off, they sprinkled it with fluffy fairy floss. WOW! 


Happy hour had finally arrived and we spent it at a New York inspired bar, Bedford and Soda. Famous for their delicious cocktails we ordered a round! Two Hawaiian times and one Tanqueray Daisy. They were incredibly presented, almost too good to drink! We then took one sip and couldn't stop at that...


That night we went to town, where we danced the night away at Tyler Street! The vibe here was much the same to the vibe in New York! Super groovy bar and music that you could boogey to all night long! And that we did...


We visited The Lane in Ponsonby another day, we loved it that much. Bread and Butter Cafe had the most delicious doughnuts ever! Fresh warm cinnamon doughnuts with the added deliciousness of a filling of your choice. Raspberry, chocolate, French vanilla or caramel! After finally making the hard decision of choosing one filling our doughnut was served with a syringe filled with warm caramel sauce. We grabbed it and injected the doughnut with the incredible filling and drizzled the rest over the top! YUM! 


We may have over indulged, but it was sooo worth it! 



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