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Over the years, I have searched and searched to find the skin care product that works best for me. Perfect Potion. This product is heaven! They don’t call it perfect for no reason. Perfect Potion's skin care range only uses certified organic essentials oils and plant extracts that are gentle on your skin and leave your face feeling revitalized and fresh. 


I always found it difficult to find a facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer that wasn't harsh for my skin as products full of nasty chemicals made me break out and left my skin feeling not so fresh. Although, I have been genetically blessed (thanks mum) with quite clear skin, I do get the occasional break out and my skin can become quite oily or dry depending on the season. Perfect Potion offers a wide variety of products for all different skin types; therefore I am able to adjust my cleanser, toner and moisturizer due to whether or not my skin is dry or oily. 


At the moment I use the Purify Cleansing Gel as I find in the warmer weather my skin can be unbalanced and oilier than in the cooler seasons. For a toner I use the Purify Fine Toning Solution, as again it’s perfect for balancing my skin. The easy spray bottles not only save a lot of the product it also feels revitalizing spritzing your face. I often spray my face if I feel as though my skin needs a pick-me-up! The exfoliate I use is the Bare Faced Exfoliant. This works well for my skin throughout the whole year as it's made for all skin types. It comes as a powder so I just mixed it in with my cleanser 2-3 times a week to exfoliate my skin. My moisturizer at the moment is the Balance Moisture Gel. I find using a gel not only moisturizes my skin, but it also helps balance the oil left on my skin.






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