Guilt Free Sweet Treat


Who would have thought you could enjoy an extremely tasty dessert and not feel terrible for it after? 

These days, there are so many cook books with organic, raw, paleo and just all around healthy recipes. But I do have a favourite, "Luke and Scott - Clean Living Cookbook." 


If you don't already know, Luke and Scott were contestants on the popular cooking show, My Kitchen Rules in 2013. They inspired me throughout the whole series with their amazing fresh and healthy cooking so when I found out they published a cook book, I had to get my hands on one! The "Clean Living Cookbook" has a tone of different recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But my favourite section would have to be the sweets section.


I have always had a sweet tooth, but unfortunately sweet food isn't always the best for you. Since owning this awesome cook book I have found a new obsession with cooking raw and paleo sweets to cure my cravings. Luke and Scott have created many sweet treat recipes that are totally free of sugar and dairy. 


One of my favourite recipes from the book is the coconut and lime tart. I made it over the weekend and thankfully they were a success! The refreshing and sweet taste make them a perfect treat for dessert to cure the after dinner cravings. The best thing about them is that they are totally organic so you feel great after eating one rather than feeling like you're in a sugar coma!


For anyone out there who is into raw and paleo cooking and has a sweet tooth like me, I most definitely recommend the "Clean Living Cookbook." 



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