It's obvious that these days the fashion industry is changing drastically and is becoming more and more environmentally friendly. Sustainability is literally the hottest fashion trend of the current times. Not too long ago sustainable fashion wasn't much of a hot topic...


Okay, picture this... You're walking along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, you pass a really beautiful and VERY expensive store you know you can't afford to purchase anything from, but would love to just take a look. Do you feel confident enough to go in or do you just k...


At some point in your life, you would have been sucked in by the many "bargains" you see when shopping - I know I have. Let's be real with ourselves for a second. How many times have we actually worn that cheap dress that was on sale?

At the time you think it's the mos...


Along this journey that we call life, it’s often easy to forget about the simple things and fall into the trap of feeling the pressure. 

The pressure to succeed in everything you do, the pressure to have the perfect home, the pressure to have the perfect wardrobe and th...


Winter is just around the corner so it's time to whip out the old cosies, or, TREAT YOSELF and get your hands on the new Bonds Originals sweats collection. 

I am all for comfortability... but when something is comfortable AND stylish, it's the biggest win!



If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will know that I LOVE op shopping.

I always like to mix my op shop pieces with new pieces to give my outfits personality and a kind of uniqueness that I love!

Today's "outfit of the day" is this gorgeous floral skir...


When it comes to the perfect lazy Sunday - a robe and a cuppa tea is most certainly in the picture...

Once you have gotten comfy with a good magazine on the couch wearing nothing but a robe it's sometimes hard to motivate yourself to actually put "real" clothes on! (I t...


Wardrobe essentials are the core of your style. 

I'm sure I'm not the only girl in the world who is guilty of buying a wardrobe "essential" when, well, lets be honest, it probably isn't. 

As I have gotten older and realised what my style is more, I have come up with...


Spring is here!

I think spring is my favourite season. The flowers are out, the weather is perfect and everyone always seems so happy and uplifted (well I know I do anyway). 

I have set myself a new "fashion" goal for spring. 

Wear. More. Dresses.

Spring is the perfec...


So, I  know lately trends have made it acceptable to dress a lil like a boy... Which is seriously so bloody comfy!

So if it's fashionably acceptable then who cares right?

Well I don't know about you guys but sometimes, (sometimes), it just feels nice to dress girly...

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